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Spotlight #16
Dione by Mat Zdziebko

In DitoGear™ Spotlight #16 we are sharing a marvellous time-lapse project created by Mat Zdziebko. ‘Dione’ is a perfect example of pushing the DitoGear™ equipment above the limits.


And what’s your latest project? Share your interesting stories in the next spotlight.

Natalia Brzakala: Mat, could you say a few words about your new project?
Mat Zdziebko: The initial idea was to create a vision of a mysterious place where an unknown processes occur.


I wanted to present a creation of matter in unexpected spaces.


NB: What were the main inspirations for this video?
MZ: There were two main inspirations. First was macro photography, which allows you to show the matter in very different way. Second is the admiration for the cosmic space, other planets and worlds. I perceive the project as a tribute to the universe and it’s infinite mysteries.

NB: Why did you name the project ‘Dione’?


MZ: Because I was born in 200th anniversary of discovering by Giovanni Cassini one of Saturn’s moon – Dione 😉


But seriously, the title was chosen at the end because I hadn’t known what would be the final effect before started working on the footage. After all I was searching for a real astronomical object that could be similar to the world that I’ve created.


Dione, the moon of Saturn was perfect due its physical characteristics. This moon is composed mainly of water ice and rocks, so what you see on the film is my imagination of some processes that could create or evolve this moon.


NB: Are there any specific reasons for using candles in this project?


MZ: Yes, candles are very ductile and flexible. They turned out to be ideal for this project because they are recyclable. Once I finished melting a candle I could use the rest of it for other scenes. For example the last scene showing the circle of sculptures made of scraps. This also helped to build the story.


Fresh material represents the process of rising the moon. On the other hand used, dark and dirty material symbolizes evolving or even aging process.



NB: What do you perceive as the most challenging part of this production?


MZ: Before I started project I hadn’t known what to expect from the wax and melting processes. So I had to waste many hours to find perfect technique of shooting. And you know, each shot required preparing the set as well as changing candles and cleaning the DitoGear™ TurnTable (that was rented, so don’t tell anyone about the wax! 😉


NB: What was the biggest failure during the production?


MZ: Cleaning my room after all… and the smell.


NB: Is the video made only by yourselves or was somebody helping you out?


MZ: I did everything, including post-production and sound design only by myself.


NB: Could you please describe the shooting and production techniques?


MZ: I used timelapse technique for all shots. DitoGear™ equipment was indispensable. It was used in all shots in various way.
The most creative tool for me was DitoGear™ Modulo. I could construct everything I wanted and control it with OmniController or Evolution. For example DitoGear™ OmniHead and DitoGear™ Modulo motor mounted on the OmniSlider was kind of a wax 3D printer.


You can see on making of video that candles were attached to the Modulo motor unit. It was necessary to melt the candle regularly and sustain the light. DitoGear™ OmniHead was used to tilt the candle and thanks to it I could control when exactly the melted wax should be poured. DitoGear™ TurnTable was used as printing surface so the rotation gave my additional printing axis. On the other shot I created rolling surface build from greaseproof paper rolled on 1m rod mounted on Modulo motor unit.



NB: What about post-production techniques and sound design?


MZ: I decided to apply VFX on some shots to create more abstract and surprising effects. I used a lot of distortions, reflections and other transforms using After Effects software. The best fun was when I used sounds to manipulate some parameters of effects using expression scripts on AE. That was very comfortable workflow because I could change my sound to fit to the picture and vice versa.


Most of the sounds was generated with virtual vst instruments and synthesizers. Some sound I recorded and used as samples.
I needed sound that remains thick liquid. I recorded sound of pouring the pudding to the bowl of water with 192.000 kHz sample rate and slowed it down to about 1%. I also used pitch shifter.


NB: Did you create the sound design in any other projects?


MZ: Yes, one of the biggest music project that I worked recently is Rebirth by Patryk Kizny. This was very challenging project.
I created there sound design and cinematic music.


Check also a few other examples where I created the sound or music and often the video: Sampled Room, Steel Life, The Reflection, Delusion.


You can also find my composed music and sound design in my music portfolio on orchestronaut.com.


NB: Which part of the project was the most time-consuming?


MZ: Definitely post-production. I worked on the entire project in my free time (evenings and weekends), that is very limited and always insufficient.


NB: What DitoGear™ equipment did you use in this project?


MZ: I used the DitoGear™ OmniSlider 2.0m, OmniHead, Modulo, LensDrive, TurnTable,OmniControllers, Evolution


NB: Can you share your experience using DitoGear™ equipment for this kind of work?


MZ: With that set of tools I felt like a child on the big playground. The gear is very inspiring and easy to setup. The first thing I thought when I got all this stuff was, why not try to use it as a 3D printer? And I did it. It was a great fun, especially controlling the movement with the Evolution controller.


NB: Thank you very much for sharing the production details with us. We are full of admiration for your creative versatility!



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Follow Mat Zdziebko and the video:


Dione on Vimeo

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