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DitoGear™ Trinity


Trinity has been developed to meet high requirements of slow-motion photography at affordable price. The part in motion is a 110 cm arm that spins around the table. It can reach the speed of 1s/360°.

DitoGear™ SpeedFire – a dedicated PC software will let you plan, synchronize and repeat beautiful slow-motion shots. No backlash, perfect repeatability and powerloss safety makes this system highly efficient.





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  • Live-action mode
  • Stop-motion mode
  • Perfect repeatability
  • USB connectivity

  • Powerloss safety system
  • No backlash
  • High speed
  • Easy curve editing

  • Triggers synchronized with motion control
  • Repeatable shots
  • Home position sensor

What is included?


DitoGear™ SpeedFire Interface
DitoGear™ Trinity
Power & cabling
1-axis power & Signal Cable set
2-axis power & Signal Cable set
Shutter Release Cable (C3)
Power Splitter (1 to 4)
Plus Variants include also:
3xTriggers of your choice





General specifications
Maximum table payload 100kg (220lb)
Maximum arm payload 15kg (33lb)
Minimum speed no limit
Maximum speed 360 °/ 1s
Positioning precision 0,002 °
Power supply 230 VAC



Dimensions & weights


Spinning arm length 110 cm (33.3 in)
Table plate diameter 50cm (19.6 in); mounting holes allow to mount bigger plate
Dimensions 1710x690x500
Weight 70 kg




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