Smooth vertical shots while driving


DitoGear™Lifter is designed to give a new perspective to your shots with its vertical motion. Gain vertical motion control of your camera, while driving!



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Discover new potential of your VibraFreek


DitoGear™Lifter is an upgrade product to combine with DitoGear™VibraFreek and DitoGear™ VibraFreek 2m Pillar. Its safety system slows down camera fall in case of loss of power.





  • 38kg payload

  • 180cm vertical motion

  • Max lift speed 3s/1m




Lifter takes payloads up to 38kg effectively taking a high-end gimbal stabilizer and majority of cameras used nowadays.

Pillar configuration


DitoGear™ Lifter is an accessory for VibraFreek and needs Pillar configuration. Pillar can be purchased separately or in VibraFreek Bundle.



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