DitoGear™ Chase Car


Fully equipped and ready for shooting job Mercedes ML. Built with our automotive cinematography passion and expertise. Thoroughly tested on and off roads.



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  • Ready-to-work complete system*
  • Compatible with all gimbals

  • Can drive and shoot up to 160km/h
  • Dampening system

  • Micro-vibration stabilization
  • Shooting beyond car frame

*DitoGear Chase Car does not include a camera and a gimbal.

What is included?


The Car
Mercedes ML 4.3L 270hp
Specialty trailer for transport
Chase Car Kit
VibraFreek Bundle w/Pillar Mount
Rear Pillar
XY module
Lifter Controller
Power & Signal
AccuBox for Lifter
Socket plate for power/signal
Blackmagic HDMI/SDI splitters
3 x 7" Full HD HDMI Monitor with 4K Signal Support




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Mercedes ML
Model M W163
Engine 4.3 V8 (430)
Power 270hp
Mileage 272 km (169 miles)
Payload (Standard Springs1)  25kg (55.12lb)
Payload (HD Springs)  38kg (83.78lb)
Max. speed of a vehicle2  100km/h
Arm movement range3  35cm
Payload 50kg (110 lb)
Payload after mounting VF, XY, Ronin  30kg (66lb)
Max. lift speed  3s/1m
Operation temperature range  -25°C to 45°C
Lifter Acu Box
Avg. current draw  20A (at 36V DC)
Power supply  30V – 45V DC
Continuous work without charging


1 Included in VibraFreek bundles.
2 Tested on a flat road.
3 It’s regarding the Vibrafreek Vibration Dampening Arm.
4 That’s the maximum possible size of the Pillar Support Arm. Dimensions should be matched to the vehicle.




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