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DitoGear™ Chase Car Kit



Complete and ready-to-use camera car bundle. You will only need a car and a gimbal to start filming. Convert your car into high end rig with VibraFreek dampening system and its impressive accessories.  Enjoy perfect vehicle shots at a moderate price.






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  • Ready-to-work complete system1
  • Compatible with all gimbals
  • Dampening system

  • Can drive and shoot up to 150km/h
  • Car customization service available2

  • Micro-vibration stabilization
  • Shooting beyond car frame

Car and gimbal are not included. You will also need to customize your car for the kit.
2 Available in store as a product variant. It is performed on a car delivered to us. Car delivery cost are covered by a client.



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Car customization service


You can buy Chase Car Kit together with Car Customization Service. We will prepare client car to be ready for Chase Car Kit mounting. The service is performed in our workshop and the car is delivered to us on client cost. Within Europe car pickup and/or drive back can be arranged.




Custom work needs to be done on the vehicle including welding to the rigid parts of the car. The bottom end of the pillar mounts to a support frame which is welded or fixed to the car frame near the front or rear fender. The Pillar Support Arm is hinge-mounted to the top of the pillar and to available supports on the roof of your car.




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What is included?


Chase Car Kit
VibraFreek Bundle w/Pillar Mount
XY module
Lifter Controller
Rear Pillar
Pillar Truss Cage
2 x Pillar Support Arm
2x 40mm Tube Clamp
3x Pillar Support Arm Mounting Hinge
AccuBox for Lifter




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Payload (Standard Springs1) 25kg (55.12lb)
Payload (HD Springs) 38kg (83.78lb)
Max. speed of a vehicle 2 100km/h
Arm movement range 3 35cm
Payload 50kg (110 lb)
Payload after mounting VF, XY, Ronin 30kg (66lb)
Max. lift speed 3s/1m
Operation temperature range -25°C to 45°C
Lifter Acu Box
Avg. current draw 20A (at 36V DC)
Power supply 30V – 45V DC
Continuous work without charging




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