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If you have any questions regarding our products and offer or just want to say hello, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using our communication center.

Why is there no telephone number?

Direct contact with you is a priority for us, therefore we decided we’re not running any hotline – we deal with all your requests personally. Emails getting to our communication system are the fastest way to reach us and get your questions replied. When you send us a message you will be replied by email, but you’ll also get direct telephone contacts to us (or you may ask for it).

Why is there no direct email contact?

Please understand that with so many inquiries a day and hundreds of existing customers we cannot effectively deal with inquiries and support requests by e-mail. To make things easier, we use a dedicated software to streamline the communication, which also provides a full conversation history between our team and you – it is much more convenient for all of us. It is also about effective protection against spambots and unwanted offers. After the first contact the reply will get to your e-mail account and you may use either a web support system or your preferred e-mail client reply to messages we send you.

Company legal information:

Dito Gear
Robert Paluch

ul.Krańcowa 30
62-002 Suchy Las

EU VAT No.: PL 972 004 60 70

Bank transfers details

Please address all wire transfer to the following bank using the appropriate account number.

Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. (name of the bank)
ul. Rynek 9/11 (street address)
50-950 Wroclaw (ZIP and City)


Account number for transfers in USD

PL 41 1090 1463 0000 0001 1750 5772

Account number for transfers in EUR
PL 12 1090 1463 0000 0001 1750 5712

Account number for transfers in GBP
PL 55 1090 1463 0000 0001 1818 5393

Account number for transfers in PLN
PL 36 1090 1463 0000 0001 1750 5668


  1. Always include the order number when sending us the transfer. Please send a receipt/confirmation by email if possible.
  2. In case of currency payments submitted to wrong/mismatched account, the cost of currency exchange shall be covered by the customer.

Paypal payments

  1. Please submit PayPal payments to paypal@ditogear.com