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Motion Control

Multi-axis motion control kits for live action,
timelapse and stop motion.

Product Videos & Reviews


I’ve found the OmniSlider and OmniHead to be fast enough for high-speed shots where moving the camera can add magic to the already exciting slow motion footage.
Together with Evolution it is a great motion control kit for all kinds of shooting scenarios.

I became interested in DitoGear’s Motion Control Kits for real-time and high-speed shooting rather than timelapse which a lot of people use it for. Being able to do multiple takes, that are precisely the same every time is not only useful for vfx shots, but also for complex scenes, that need to be rehearsed to perfection. Once set up you can trust DitoGear products to perform exactly the same move twice or a thousand times.

The LensDrive is a very compact, sleek, reliable and silent focus/zoom control unit. I consider it as a must-have for everybody who owns a 3-axis motion control rig.

The DitoGear™ OmniSlider has allowed us to take our timelapses to a whole other level! The fluidity and beauty of the motion is wonderful! Evolution allows us a new kind of freedom using the OmniSlider, and we look forward to any new developments with DitoGear™.