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The Idea

Ideas are very unlike the money. When you share them, everyone gains and nobody lose.

At DitoGear™ we strongly believe in integrating the community, helping the most interesting ideas spread and creativity bloom.

Since you’re already shooting valuable films or creating other kinds of art with DitoGear™ equipment, we would love to help you share your ideas with the community and help the creativity bloom.

We’re starting a series of blog posts highlighting most interesting and innovative uses of DitoGear™ equipment. We want you to get involved.

Get involved

Getting involved is cool and easy. It’s a bit of spotlight for your personal or corporate brand.


Let us know what you’re doing, we’ll prepare some questions that will help you get a bit more elaborate on your creative projects. People will love it.

Expert article

If you feel that’s a good opportunity for you to build up your brand and recognition as an expert, we really encourage you to put a bit more work and prepare an article highlighting anything like special techniques or applications. It can be “10 tips to do better something” or “How to do some miracles” etc… It should be fun, inspiring and educational.

Both approaches can be combined. Let us know what works best for showcasing your project. We’re flexible.

What we need from you

  1. A post or interview (prepared in collaboration)
  2. Your bio/resume/corporate profile
  3. Results – photos, movies etc…
  4. BTS shots – that’s what people love
  5. Some DitoGear™ story in background – this time it’s mostly about you!

Next steps

  1. Send your ideas to natalia/at/
  2. We’ll agree on a schedule and work on the content
  3. Prepare some media (photos, BTS) and send via WeTransfer or Dropbox
  4. Movies go directly from your Vimeo or YouTube

Look forward to hearing from you

DitoGear™ Team